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Pentax-Optio-L60 Product Features

Camera Type Compact

There are 2 main types of camera: The SLR and the Compact.

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. SLR cameras use a prism to reflect the exact image as seen through the lens and so offers a more accurate viewfinder. SLR cameras have detachable lenses offering greater flexibility if you wish to take a variety of different photographs.

Compact cameras have a built in lens and an ‘above lens’ viewfinder which is less accurate but they are often cheaper, more sleekly designed and easier to carry anywhere with you to capture that moment perfectly without having to fiddle with complex settings or a bag full of lenses.

Resolution (Megapixels) 10
Optical zoom ratio 5

The amount by which the camera optics (lens) can bring the subject closer.

Screen size (Inches) 2.5

Screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner.

Digital zoom ratio 6

Not to be confused with optical zoom, digital zoom enlarges a portion of the image thus simulating optical zoom. In doing so, some image quality is lost.

Type of image stabiliser Yes

If a photo is taken at a slow shutter speed, or at a long focal length, the effects of ‘hand shake’ will be amplified. Some cameras come with built-in image stabilisation which is designed to act against this to produce sharper images.
It’s great for low light shots without a tripod, like at a gig.

Colour Silver

The main colour of the product.

Media format SDHC Card

This is the type of storage that your digital camera or camcorder uses to save images to.

The main types of card media format:

Compact Flash
Micro SD
MMC (Multi Media Card)
SD Card (Secure Digital)
SDHC (Secure Disk High Capacity)

Media format SD Card
PictBridge No

An industry standard allowing images to be printed from camera to printer, without needing a computer. CIPA PictBridge Standard Website

Macro Mode Yes

This mode allows close-up photograpy of small objects such as insects and flowers.

Video recorder Yes

Video recording functionality allows the capture of videos in mpeg or avi format which is great if you want to capture a whole scene, not just one moment.

Manual Focus No

Almost all modern cameras have autofocus. Manual focus allows you to override the autofocus and set the distance yourself. This is especially useful if your camera is struggling to focus in a low-light or confusing scene.

Timer Yes
Flash Yes

Whether or not your camera has an in-built flash.
Flashes are essential for fully capturing a low light image.

WiFi No

Wifi allows you to connect your device to wireless routers or modems which allows you to connect to broadband internet.

Waterproof No

If your camera is waterproof you will be able to film under water which is perfect for diving and snorkeling.

USB port Yes

Socket for connecting devices such as a computers and other components.

Dimensions (mm) 55x95x23.5

The size of the device in millimetres, in width x height x depth.

RAW Format No
Resolution (Pixels) 3648x2736

A camera sensor, that captures the photograph, is measured in pixels. The number given here is the horizontal amount of pixels followed by the vertical quantity of pixels.

The more pixels a camera sensor has, the bigger and higher quality the image will be.

In-built memory (Megabytes) 36
Release date 2008-12-30

The date the product was originally made available for purchase.

Height in mm 55
Width in mm 95
Depth in mm 23.5
Bluetooth No

Bluetooth is a technology for the wireless transfer of data such as contacts, photos and music between mobile phones, computers and a host of other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Autofocus Yes